About Patty

About Patty McLain, M.Ed.

I love to help people.  More specifically, I love to empower people to move toward their goals and dreams by showing them how to leverage their unique interests and abilities to foster more creativity, confidence, and compassion in their lives.

I am also a public education success story.  I became a teacher because I had amazing teachers who supported and encouraged me to follow my dreams and who taught me that one person can make a difference.

After going to college and getting my dream job as a high school English teacher, I was able to explore my talents and skills through instructional coaching, teacher and administrator training, extracurricular advising, and curriculum development.  I obtained multiple advanced degrees in education, won numerous awards for innovative and collaborative project-based learning opportunities, participated in various grant programs, and even planned a prom for 500 teens.

Ultimately, I found my true passion and purpose when I had opportunities to use all of my knowledge and expertise to show my students and my colleagues of all that they were capable of while reminding them how much they matter.

Now I am fortunate to have opportunities as a consultant, speaker, and trainer as well as an advisor for stellar local and global non-profits such as Everyone Matters and Yoga Journeys.

I love the work that I do, but felt limited in my reach - especially since many districts have limited funds and similar training dates.  So, I created this website, my free Empowerment Challenges, and my digital professional development opportunities so that I can reach more teachers, administrators, and students with my message of creativity, compassion, confidence, mindfulness, and hope.