Teen & Parent Programs

The Teen Empowerment Framework has been developed to focus on creativity, compassion, confidence and connection.  The strategies, techniques, and tools have all been carefully created to help with stress management and to enhance social and emotional health and wellness in order to support young people in each facet of his or her life.

Teens will have opportunities to explore wellness on all levels mind, body, and spirit through a variety of tools including mindfulness, essential oils, positive psychology, motivational books and videos, and more.  The ultimate goal of each workshop and session is to foster creativity, compassion, connection, and confidence in safe, natural ways that are not only effective, but an essential foundation for success.

Workshops and individual sessions are available for teen empowerment via appointment at Pathways to Inner Healing in Moscow, PA or via Zoom digital video conferencing.  

Group Workshops currently meet bi-weekly and are $20 per session or 5 sessions in advance for $95.

Individual Sessions are available by appointment (digitally or in person) for $60/hour.

Limited openings for the 3 month Intensive one-on-one Coaching are now available for teens and parents.  This program includes 1hr of connection per week (digitally or in person) as well as daily text reminders, regular email correspondence, sequenced activities and more in-depth opportunities for growth.  If you are selected for this opportunity, the fee for each participant is $400 per month or $1000 for the full 3 month package.

For more information about Patty or the development of Plan BE Youth Wellness, you can check out the documentary film and website at www.planbethechange.com!